Renovation Tips

If you're tackling the renovation or you are working with a general contractor specializing in renovations then seeing a day in the contractor's boots will give you a new renovation viewpoint.

The central question, how do you know if you’re hurting or helping the project? Here are some quick tips to help you out!

• Make a decision and stick with it.

• Make sure not to change your mind too much – each change is easily accommodated but results in a change order, causing an increase in the schedule and price.

• Listen to the professionals- for example, you want a high-efficiency furnace but have ancient insulation. The professional’s have your best interest in mind.

• Insert a contingency fund – changes happen, some additional work you want to be completed may cost more, therefore, its best to not panic because your budget has a contingency fund in place.

• Don’t operate without a design plan or idea- each home is unique, different client preferences will determine the style, therefore, design, plan then execute to meet your personal lifestyle.





Renovation Tips- Are you helping or hurting the project?


October is breaking construction permitting records in the city of Calgary!